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Unleash Your Talents on the Global Stage:

MCOPA - Your Gateway to WCOPA Glory!

Are you ready to set the world stage ablaze with your incredible talents? The journey to attaining worldwide acclaim and distinguished recognition starts right here with the Malaysia Championships of Performing Arts (MCOPA), the gateway to the coveted World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA).

MCOPA serves as the premier stage where aspiring performers from across Malaysia showcase their skills, and it’s not just a competition—it’s your passport to becoming the elite National Team representative, proudly carrying the Malaysia flags onto the grand global arena.





Elevate Your Talents to Global Heights:

When you join WCOPA, you're not just participating in a competition; you're embarking on a transformative journey that will propel your talents to global recognition and success. Here's how we'll help you reach new heights:

International Exposure

By competing on the WCOPA stage, your talents are not limited to a local or national audience. You’ll have the opportunity to perform in front of an international audience,  Imagine the thrill of knowing that people from different countries are cheering for you as you showcase your skills.

Networking with Industry Pros

Attending the exclusive industry “Go Sees” to connect with renowned mentors, agents, and top-tier industry leaders. Their expertise can supercharge and elevate your career to new heights.

Awards and Scholarships

Compete with the best and bring home awards and scholarships that not only open doors to exciting opportunities but also propel you to the next level of success. Your achievements will make your country, family, and community proud..

Professional Development

By participating, you’ll have the chance to attend masterclasses and receive invaluable feedback from industry experts. This feedback will help you refine and perfect your craft. It’s an opportunity to grow as an artist and continuously improve your skills.

Celebration of Diversity

The performing arts have a unique ability to bridge cultural gaps and promote diversity. As, Worldstars celebrates this diversity, showcasing a multitude of talents and cultures from across the globe.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Worldstars inspires the next generation of artists and performers. Through the achievements of its alumni, it sends a powerful message to aspiring talents worldwide that their dreams are attainable


Experience Unforgettable Global Exposure

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Frequently Ask Questions


WCOPA stands as the unparalleled global talent and modeling competition, hosted each year in the heart of entertainment, Hollywood, the world’s entertainment hub. Just like the Olympics, participation in WCOPA is by invitation only, with competitors representing their countries in a spirited quest for the coveted ‘gold’.

MCOPA, a series of local competitions to find talented competitors willing to continue training to become the Worldstars Team Malaysia. Through local and National competitions, talent prepares to represent Malaysia in the World Championships of Performing Arts. Performer/Talents have the opportunity to compete across six distinct categories: Acting, Dancing, Modeling, Singing, Instrumental and Variety.




Like the Olympics, the finest aspiring talent and performers are qualified and invited. Every contestant attending WCOPA is screened, qualified and selected under specific guidelines established by WCOPA, and executed by MCOPA Scouts and licensed State Directors from participating State.

MCOPA offers a diverse range of categories, including:

    • Vocal: Solo and group singing, with various age divisions.
    • Dance: Solo and group dance performances across various styles.
    • Acting: Solo acting performances with age divisions.
    • Modeling: Runway and print modeling categories.
    • Instrumental: Solo and group instrumental performances.
    • Variety Arts: Unique talents like magic, comedy, and more.

MCOPA welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds, including individuals of all ages and races, whether amateur or professional, who are Malaysian citizens, permanent residents, or holders of valid working/student permits. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, you have the opportunity to take part as a solo performer or as a member of a group and stand a chance to be in the elite Team Malaysia.


Empowering Dreams and Transforming Lives

At MCOPA, we empower aspiring performers to discover their true potential. Through rigorous training and unwavering support, we groom talents to become WCOPA Team Malaysia, representing Malaysia’s excellence on the international stage. As Worldstars Team Malaysia, their journey continues, launching careers in the performing arts and beyond.

Join us in creating a legacy of excellence and inspiring generations.Sign up and stand a Chance to becoming the Worldstars Team Malaysia now!

Be Seen, Be Heard and Be Discovered!