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Unleashed Your Star Potential

At WCOPA 2025

in Long Beach, California USA

Welcome to the world of WCOPA, where dreams take center stage! Are you a talented performer orĀ  a studio owner with extraordinary talents? It’s time to seize the spotlight and make your mark on the international stage. WCOPA 2025 is your ultimate opportunity to represent your country and showcase your talent to the world.

This Could Be You!

  • Be the Star: Stand out as a world-class performer and gain recognition on a global scale and be part of the Worldstars Team Country delegates.
  • Win Prestigious Awards: Compete with the best and bring home awards that can open doors to exciting opportunities and make the country, your family and the community around you proud
  • Experiencing “Hollywood Style” Red Carpet Glamour: Immerse yourself in the glamour of a “Hollywood Style” Red Carpet ceremony at the finale and compete in an “Olympic Style” competition.

Ready to make your dream a reality?

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Unleash Your Talent on the Global Stage!

Discover Your Path to Stardom

Joining the Elite Team Malaysia means stepping onto the international stage at the World Championships of Performing Arts in the USA. It’s your chance to be seen, heard, and celebrated by industry experts and audiences from around the world.

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